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Whether you're moving to Massachusetts from a nearby state or from across the country you've undoubtedly got a lot to think about. From choosing a neighborhood and finding an apartment to registering your children for school and securing a healthcare provider, there are a lot of details to consider. The best way to get started is to jump right in by booking your Massachusetts movers. Not only will contacting Massachusetts movers in advance give you one less thing to worry about as things get busier, it'll make ensure that your move will happen on your schedule and not when it's convenient for your Massachusetts moving company.

Choosing the right Massachusetts moving service requires a bit of research. You'll want to compare both prices and services offered by different Massachusetts moving companies. When relevant, ask your friends which Massachusetts movers they used and learn about what they liked and didn't like during the experience. Check with the Massachusetts Movers Association to find out if the movers of your choice are certified. Although it's always nice to get a great deal on moving (and of course, I'm happy to help with that if you give me your moving details in the form above), it's also important to make sure that you feel entirely comfortable with the movers you've chosen – so make sure to meet with at least three Massachusetts movers in person before making a decision.

Once you've chosen your Massachusetts movers you'll be able to focus on other necessary details that are part of every interstate move. Upon arrival in Massachusetts you'll need to register your car, convert your license and register to vote. Massachusetts is one of a handful of states that allows you to start the license conversion process online at the state's DMV website and to print all of the documents that you'll need to fill in so that you can reduce your waiting time at the DMV.

You will need to register your car in the state of Massachusetts within 60 days of arrival, or you will face steep penalties and the possible impoundment of your vehicle. To transfer your license you must bring original documents that certify your signature, date of birth and residency. Although your out-of-state license can confirm the first two requirements, Massachusetts law stipulates that it can only be used to prove either your signature or your date of birth – you must bring another form of proof to certify the second requirement. If you (or your child) is under 18 years old you will also be required to bring an original driving record from your previous state that was issued no more than 30 days before requesting your Massachusetts license.

If you're moving to Massachusetts with the intent to get married soon thereafter you should note that Massachusetts requires that marriage license applicants wait 90 days after their divorce is final before remarrying. There is also a 3 day waiting period between the time you apply for your marriage license and the time that you can get legally get married. This waiting period can be waived with an appropriate court order. Massachusetts does not permit proxy marriages. Gay and lesbian marriages are permitted under state law and residency is not required to enter into this union in the state of Massachusetts. No witnesses are required for Massachusetts marriages.

Once your Massachusetts movers have driven away you'll be on your own in a new and exciting state. Being aware of Massachusetts state requirements will help streamline your Massachusetts moving experience. Why struggle through those first critical days when a bit of advance planning can make a world of difference? I hope this Massachusetts moving guide has helped allay your fears and I look forward to helping you find the perfect Massachusetts movers!

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