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If you're moving to Lowell, you've probably got a lot on your mind. To help reduce your stress, I've negotiated deals with some great Lowell movers just for you. Just tell me about your move in the form above and I'll connect you with Lowell movers who are happy to offer you discounts just because you're my friend. I recommend speaking to at least three Lowell moving companies so that you'll know you're getting the best price on the services you need. Good luck!

Traveling Around Lowell

If your move includes a flight, Manchester-Boston Regional Airport, in New Hampshire, is about 22 miles from central Lowell, and Logan International Airport is 24 miles away. Driving to the airport or other destinations might involve any of the following highways:

  • Interstate 485, considered the outer boundary of the Boston region, includes Lowell in a 120.784 miles run from I-95 in Salisbury, Massachusetts until I-195 in Wareham, Massachusetts .
  • U.S. Route 3 goes north from Cambridge, Massachusetts for 277 miles until the Canadian border in New Hampshire, and then becomes Quebec Route 257.
  • The Lowell Connector links U.S. 2 and I-495 to downtown Lowell via a 2.88 mile stretch of road that parallels Massachusetts Route 110.
  • Massachusetts Route 3A includes Lowell in a 97-mile journey from Plymouth to Hudson, New Hampshire.
  • MA-38 goes from Boston through Lowell and continues north for a total of 27 miles, and then becomes New Hampshire Route 38 in Pelham.
  • MA-110 runs southwest to northeast for 69.24 miles, ending in Salisbury at an intersection with U.S. 1 and 1A, paralleling I-495 for much of the way.
  • MA-113 goes from MA-119 in Pepperell, Massachusetts to U.S. 1 and 1A in Newburyport, for a total of 50.54 miles that includes exits in Lowell.
  • MA-133 goes east and west for 40.87 miles, from Lowell to Gloucester.

However you ultimately map out your move, I hope it all goes well for you on the big day. Good luck with moving.

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