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Congratulations on your decision to move to Lakewood, Colorado! I'm sure you must be quite busy with the tasks facing you, so I've decided to help out by negotiating some great deals on Lakewood movers so that you can save big without spending too much time on the process. Just tell me a bit about your move in the form above and I'll connect you with Lakewood movers who can help save your money and your sanity. That'll leave you plenty of time to get back to planning and packing.

Traveling Near Lakewood

If your move includes a flight, Denver International Airport is about 24 miles from the center of Lakewood. Driving around the area might include any of four major expressways:

  • U.S. Route 6, also called the Sixth Avenue Freeway, runs east and west near the northern border of the city.
  • U.S. 285 runs parallel to the 6 along the southern border of Lakewood.
  • State Route 470 runs along the western border.
  • The eastern border consists of U.S. 25 in the north and 85 in the south.

Try to map out the drive ahead of time, which could save you money on movers that charge by the hour. Colorado can get pretty cold and snowy in the winter, so you'll want to be careful about moving during that time of year. Pay attention to weather forecasts during the week leading up to your move. Otherwise, everything should be a breeze for you if everything's planned ahead of time. I wish you a safe and happy move!

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