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Congratulations on deciding to move to Kansas! If you're moving to the Sunflower State you probably have a lot of work ahead, but that shouldn't stop your disposition from remaining as sunny as the state's flower. A critical part of your move will be finding the right Kansas movers who can make your experience as smooth and trouble-free as possible. And because we're friends, I'm thrilled to help you emerge victorious from this challenge. For starters, you can tell me a bit about your move in the form above and I'll help connect you with Kansas movers who can offer you discounted rates on their moving services. If you're looking to save further, follow the following savings tips:

  • Get friends to help you pack. Packing up independently is a great way to save money on Kansas moving services... but packing takes time and energy, things that are often in short supply during a move. If you're interested in saving time and money, why not have friends or family help you pack up? This can be a great opportunity to hang out with people before you move – and it will prevent you from overpaying your Kansas movers for packing supplies and time.
  • Get rid of the junk. A great way to reduce the load of your move is to get rid of your junk before you move. You can also sell your furniture or give it away to your happy helpers in order to save money on your Kansas movers.
  • Move during the slow-season. Kansas's mild weather makes it possible to move to the state nearly any time of year without facing the risk of serious delays or weather damage. Still, if you want to reduce the cost of your Kansas moving expenses, ask about moving between Thanksgiving and New Year's, when the moving industry is generally quiet and Kansas movers may be hankering for business.
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  • Drive to Kansas. Your Kansas moving company may offer you car shipping services, but you'll save a lot of money by driving to your new home. Kansas is centrally located within the continental United States, so it shouldn't be more than a 3 day drive for you. Turn the trip into a family vacation and make it fun for your children so that they'll be excited about the drive and arrival to their new state. Not only will you save money on car shipping but you'll also save money on airfare... and who doesn't love saving double?
  • Compare moving quotes. If you're a savvy shopper you'll know that the best way to ensure that you're getting the best price is to shop around at different stores. The same principle applies for finding Kansas movers. Don't rush into accepting the first moving quote you get without knowing for sure that it's a good deal. You may also be able to negotiate with your favorite Kansas moving company if you've received a lower quote from a different Kansas mover.
  • Be honest with your Kansas movers. Any moving company that you interview will give you a price quote as it pertains to the information that you tell them. If you hide information, however, you'll likely find that you'll be paying more than you anticipated. In fact, you may be penalized for withholding information by having to pay more for the same services once the need is discovered.

Good luck with your move to Kansas. Thanks for letting me help with move – and your savings!

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