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Quick Facts

Founded on: March 28, 1853

Population: Approx. 476,000 people

Located in the heart of the United States, Kansas City, MO is an ideal city for music lovers, gastronomists and those who are seeking to pursue new business opportunities. If you're moving to Kansas City you're probably moving to pursue a specific opportunity – but in case you're not, rest assured that Kansas City is a great city in which to find yourself and identify a focused life path. Get a head start on your move by reading the information below. After all, why suffer through a stressful move when you can streamline the experience with a little help from your friends?

How to Choose Kansas City Movers

There are many reasons why deciding between different Kansas City moving companies is easier than, let's say, choosing between Honolulu movers. For starters, the Missouri Movers Association is a great resource that can help you determine which Kansas City movers are trustworthy and which should be avoided. Secondly, because of the city's relatively centralized location within the United States, your Kansas City moving expenses should be moderately priced (as compared with embarking upon a cross-country relocation). Don't be conned into accepting outrageous moving quotes. Instead, interview at least 3 Kansas City moving companies to see what the pricing should be, and then choose one that has a good reputation as well as fair pricing. Don't be embarrassed to ask for references from the Kansas City movers that you're interested in – you deserve to hear firsthand about how they operate and what you can expect. Most importantly, make sure to book your Kansas City movers early so that you'll guarantee that your first choice will be available on the day that you wish to move. It's never too early to sign with a Kansas City moving company and making this decision early will give you additional time to focus on other aspects of the move.

Kansas City Cultural Events

Kansas City Moving Companies

Known as the "BBQ Capitol of the World," Kansas City has over 90 barbecue restaurants and is known for its own cut of beef, the Kansas City Strip Steak. If you appreciate grilled food, you'll love the culinary delights of this city! And, of course, the city also has an annual barbecue contest which is rumored to be the largest in the world.

Kansas City is the home to multiple professional sports teams including the Kansas City Royals (MLB), the Chiefs (NFL) and the Wizards (MLS). Similarly, if you prefer college basketball you can probably snag a show at the Kansas City Municipal Auditorium, a venue that has hosted more NCAA final-four games than any other venue. If you prefer to take in a calmer show, you can also enjoy one of the city's renowned musical performances or dance renditions which take place in the city's Center for the Performing Arts. Symphonies, orchestras, ballets and jazz performances take place year-round and are enjoyed by both locals and tourists. Of course, if you prefer a more interactive activity, you can check out one of the city's five riverboat casinos.

As you will see, Kansas City, MO may only be the 35th largest city in the nation, but it hosts more cultural and sporting events than many larger cities such as El Paso and Tucson.

Cost of Living in Kansas City

Another great thing about moving to Kansas City is that the cost of living in and around the city is about 20% lower than the national average cost of living (you may want to keep this in mind in case some Kansas City movers try to high-ball your moving quote). In this vein, housing costs are surprisingly affordable, with a 1-bedroom rental costing an average of $630/month and a 3+ bedroom home costing under $1000/month. The median price when purchasing a home in Kansas City is $113,540.

Missouri has 10 income tax brackets which range from 1.5% to 6% of your income. Local income tax is an additional 1%. State sales tax is 4.225%, and local sales tax is another 1.5%, for a total of 5.725%. Keep this information in the back of your mind when negotiating your salary so that your income will be sufficient when you move to Kansas City.

If you're still not sure about moving to Kansas City, take a trip to the city to see if it's right for you. Check out the neighborhoods, grab a bite at a barbecue restaurant and take a look at the river. There's no better way to prepare for your move than to familiarize yourself with the area, its offerings and its challenges. Armed with this knowledge, you'll surely have a successful move to Kansas City.

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