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If you're moving to Huntsville, you've probably got a lot to think about. From budgeting to packing, there are a lot of details to consider. Since we're friends, I thought I could help out by negotiating deals on some great Huntsville movers. Tell me about your move in the spaces above, and I'll gladly connect you with Huntsville movers who will offer you discounts just because you're my friend. I recommend speaking to at least three moving companies before you make a decision so that you can make sure you're getting the best deal.

Traveling Around Huntsville

Movers in Huntsville

If your move includes a flight, know that the local Huntsville International Airport has both regional and national airlines. However, there are a lot more flights going in and out of Birmingham International Airport, about 81 miles away, and Nashville International Airport, about 97 miles from Huntsville.

As for driving in the area, there are several major highways:

  • U.S. Route 72 runs about 337 miles, connecting Huntsville with parts of Tennesee and Mississippi.
  • U.S. 231 passes through Huntsville as part of a 912 mile route going north and south, originating in St. John, Indiana and ending in Panama City, Florida.
  • U.S. 431 includes Huntsville in a 556 mile run as far north as Owensboro, Kentucky and as far south as Dothan, Alabama.
  • Interstate 565 connects Huntsville to Decatur, Alabama and I-65.
  • Alabama Highway 53 leads from Huntsville to Ardmore, Tennessee, fusing with I-65.

I recommend that you map out the details of your move ahead of time, which will eliminate the stress of last minute surprises. I wish you a safe and happy moving day.

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