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Looking for great deals on Grand Rapids movers? I can help! Just complete the form above and I'll connect you with Grand Rapids moving companies who will offer you discounts just because you're my friend. I know it's really tempting to grab the first offer but if you wait for three or more quotes to compare, you'll be able to choose the perfect mover for your needs. Then you'll still have lots of extra time left for packing.

Around Grand Rapids

If your move includes a flight, the center of Grand Rapids is about nine miles from Gerald R. Ford International Airport. For road travel, area highways include:

  • Interstate 96 connects Muskegon in the west and Detroit in the east, running along the goes along the north side of Grand Rapids.
  • I-196, also known as the Gerald R. Ford Freeway, connects with I-96 outside of the eastern border of Grand Rapids, and with I-94 in Benton Township.
  • U.S. Route 131 connects Grand Rapids to Kalamazoo in the South and Cadillac in the north.
  • I-296 connects I-96 and I-196 for a 3.43 mile stretch and overlaps U.S. 131.

Michigan can get pretty cold during the winter, so you might want to schedule your move for another time of year. Pay attention to the weather reports during the weeks and days leading up to your big relocation so that you can plan accordingly. I wish you the best of luck with moving.

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