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Founded in: 1680

Population: Approx. 665,000 people

If you're moving to El Paso, you undoubtedly have a lot to consider – which El Paso movers should you choose? Which El Paso neighborhood will be best for your family? What weather can you expect during your move and afterwards? Researching this information in advance will help you better acclimate to El Paso so that your entire El Paso moving experience will be much less stressful. To help streamline the process, I've compiled this El Paso moving guide that will provide you with helpful, relevant information so that you won't need to go searching for it in your hour of need.

Choosing El Paso Movers

Although there are thousands of Texas movers throughout the state, the best way to narrow your search is to start by looking for El Paso movers. Once you have a list of options, you should check with the Southwest Movers Association, which accredits hundreds of moving companies from ten states, including Texas. If you don't have a list of El Paso moving companies that you're excited about, ask the Southwest Movers Association to recommend some. Then, confirm your options with live referrals and check with the Texas Better Business Bureau to make sure that the El Paso moving company you like doesn't have any outstanding complaints. When you've finally identified the El Paso movers that you want to hire, book early so that you can secure the date you want and have one less thing to worry about.

El Paso Housing Costs and Neighborhoods

The average price for a 1-bedroom apartment in El Paso is $580/month. A 3+ bedroom home costs $1000/month, on average. If you prefer to purchase a home in El Paso, you can expect to pay an average of $93,000.

El Paso has numerous neighborhoods within the city, and dozens of suburbs that are located both in Texas and New Mexico. Here's a quick guide to some popular El Paso neighborhoods that are located in the city itself:

Central El Paso – Cotton Place, Highland Park, Austin Terrace, Loretto Place, Grandview, Altura Park. Central El Paso is the home to numerous historic districts and is close to El Paso International Airport and the Mexican border.

West Central El Paso – Franklin Heights, Kern Place, La Guna, Mission Hills, Sunset Heights. West Central El Paso is the home of the University of Texas at El Paso.

Northeast El Paso – Apollo Heights, Cooperstown, Logan Heights, Milagro Hills, Northgate, Patriot Village, Pleasant Hills. Northeast El Paso was redeveloped after 1950, and is a relatively young part of the city. It is known for its excellent school athletic programs and, unfortunately, for its rampant drug problem which officials are desperately trying to get under control.

Mission Valley – Alta vista, Del Norte Heights, Hidden Valley, Lakeside, Marion Manor, Mesa Vista, Tigua, Ysleta. Mission Valley is the oldest area of El Paso, and is rich in both Spanish and American history.

East El Paso – Album Park, Cielo Vista, Eastridge, Vista Heights, Oasis Ranch, Los Paseos, Sun Ridge. East El Paso is the most popular and fastest growing area of the city, and is especially popular among middle-class families.

El Paso Weather

The weather in El Paso is relatively mild, with January being the coldest month, and June being the hottest month. There is little rain in the area, although the city does sometimes suffer from flooding, mostly in the summer months. If you want to move during the summer, consult with your El Paso movers to search for a time where the risk of flooding will be at its lowest.

Finally, when moving to El Paso be aware that local sales tax is 8.25% on all taxable goods and services. Fortunately, Texas is one of 7 states that do not impose state income tax, so if you move to El Paso you can look forward to this leniency. Good luck in your new city!

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