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Founded on: July 13, 1871

Population: Approx. 415,000 people

Congratulations on deciding to move to Colorado Springs!

Whether you're moving to take in the panoramic mountain views, be closer to friends and family, and/or pursue a job in the military, high-tech, or tourism industries, you have a lot to look forward to.

In fact, the beauty of Colorado Springs is felt not only in the area's natural splendor, but in the extremely pleasant disposition, of the city's populace.

If you're still planning your move here, there's never been a better time to jump right in.

Not only will advance planning, give you something to look forward to, but it'll also help you enjoy the moving process, without feeling maximally stressed.

Here are some ways to help you get started:

Choose the Right Colorado Springs Movers

If you're unfamiliar with Colorado topography, it's important to realize, while Colorado Springs is located at a relatively high altitude, it is not actually located in the mountains.

This is significant because, Colorado Springs moving companies, will probably not need to drive through difficult -- and often costly -- terrain, in order to reach your new home.

If you know anyone, who's moved to the area recently, start, by asking them which Colorado Springs movers, they've used.

If you don't know anyone who has moved to the area, recently, you can begin your search by contacting the local Better Business Bureau (BBB), to see if any of these moving services you want to research more, have serious claims against them.

Make sure to get quotes from several Colorado Springs movers, so that you'll have a good idea, of what you should be paying.

Equally importantly, make sure all of the quotes are for the same services, so you'll be comparing like items.

Failure to realize what is not included in your shipping contract, is one of the easiest ways to wind up overpaying, on movers.

Living at High Altitude

Colorado Springs' moving scenery

Compared with most cities in the U.S., Colorado Springs has a relatively high altitude.

Consequently, your body may have a rough time adjusting to its new environment.

Among the things that may be different in high altitude, are a greater propensity for dehydration, difficulty breathing, and altitude sickness (in the most severe cases).

To avoid health-related ailments, resulting from the altitude, try drinking water more, each day, and slowing down your exercise and/or daily routines, if necessary.

After time, your body may become accustomed to the higher altitude, and you'll be able to resume your normal activities.

If you have specific issues, see a doctor before you move to Colorado Springs -- and also, upon arrival -- so that you'll know exactly what you can expect, and how to deal with these altitude-related problems.

Cost of Living in Colorado Springs

On the whole, the cost of living in Colorado Springs, is about 8.5% lower, than the national average.

The city's unemployment rate, is also slightly less than the national average, which indicates that, despite the limited sectors of employment that are available in the city (high-tech, tourism, and military), Colorado Springs does have a stable economy.

The median cost of purchasing a home here is $192,000. Rental rates are surprisingly affordable, with a 1 bedroom costing an average of $600/month, and a 3+ bedroom home costing about $1100/month.

If you're planning your finances for when you arrive in Colorado Springs, it's helpful to note, sales tax in the city, is 7.3%. Taxes on gas and electricity, in Colorado Springs, are also 7.4%. Colorado's state income tax, is a flat rate of 4.3%.

Although Colorado Springs is located in El Paso county, don't confuse it with the Texan city of El Paso –- what Colorado Springs lacks in red desert mountains, it makes up for in snow-capped peaks.

There's no question that you'll enjoy the mountain views, without suffering from the snowy cold, and that Colorado Springs will offer you all the benefits of big-city living, with the friendliness of suburban life, too.

With a stable economy, plenty of housing options, and wonderful leisure activities, Colorado Springs is a great place to raise a family, or to start a new life.

Good luck with your move and your future -- in Colorado Springs.


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