Your San Antonio Moving Guide

Quick Facts

Founded in: 1691

Population: Approx. 1.3 million people

San Antonio may be the 7th largest city in the United States, but if you're living in one of the residential areas, you probably won't even notice the large population that resides within the city's nearly 412 square miles of land. That's because unlike other large cities which are comprised of primarily urban areas, such as New York City, San Antonio has an abundance of bedroom communities that offer housing opportunities for people with all tastes and preferences.

Among the most popular parts of the city are:

  1. Alamo Heights - If you're moving to San Antonio with the goal of living close to the heart of the city, this may be a good option for you. Though property prices are on the high side, Alamo Heights is located only a few miles from Downtown San Antonio.
  2. Far North Central - If you're looking to live in a ritzy neighborhood, Far North Central can be just what you're looking for. The homes are luxurious and celebrities can be found strolling through the area. Who knows, you may end up living next door to Eva Longoria!
  3. Far South Side - This neighborhood is growing in popularity among middle class families, as its attractively priced homes are both amply sized and affordable. The local South Park Mall offers famous retail chains such as Foley's and Macy's, though more glamorous shopping can be easily accessed in other areas of the city, such as the bustling Northwest Side.
  4. Northeast Side - With 4 school districts, this part of the city offers great educational opportunities. It also houses The Forum, one of San Antonio's largest shopping centers.

When making your San Antonio moving plan, you may also want to consider the following:

  1. San Antonio may be close to Austin, but if you're looking for movers, it's a good idea to choose locals. There are dozens of San Antonio movers that are familiar with your new city that will be happy to help out.
  2. Some San Antonio movers hire inexperienced laborers to help out during peak seasons. If you're moving during a busy time, ask your San Antonio moving company if you'll be able to get a fully experienced moving team so that your move will be additionally secure.
  3. The median cost of a home in San Antonio is about $124,000.
  4. Unemployment in San Antonio is significantly lower than the national average unemployment rate (if that's not a good reason to move to San Antonio, I don't know what is!).
  5. San Antonio's VIA Metropolitan Transit offers 84 bus lines that reach the South, West, Northwest, North Central and Northeast areas of the city.
  6. San Antonio has 17 public school districts, as well as over 30 private and charter schools. There is an average of 16 students per teacher in elementary and high schools in San Antonio.
  7. The city also has 31 institutions of higher education, including both community colleges and universities. Among the most famous colleges include the University of Texas at San Antonio which has nearly 30,000 students and the Cancer Therapy & Research Center, which conducts the largest oncology Phase I trials in the world and treats more than 120,000 patients per year.
  8. San Antonio has housed many famous people including newscaster Jim Lehrer, basketball great Shaquille O'Neal, and actor Tommy Lee Jones.

Moving to San Antonio presents many options in terms of where to live, where to go to school and how to travel around the city. Taking some time to honestly consider your San Antonio moving options will ensure that you will enjoy your time in the city to the fullest extent.

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