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Moving to San Francisco: Tips for after the Move

Quick Facts

Founded in: 1776

Population: Approx. 810,000 people

When you first move to San Francisco, you'll undoubtedly be bogged down with the difficulties of the settling-in process. First, you'll be waiting anxiously for your San Francisco movers to arrive. Then you'll have to unpack your stuff and get acquainted with local establishment and traffic patterns. Finally, you'll begin your new job, new schools and new life. When the exhaustion fades a bit, you'll probably want to get to know your new city, and you may even want to get out a bit at night. In fact, you may even want to escape a bit at night before the unpacking is finished, so that you can unwind a bit from the stress of the move. Fortunately, there are many things to do in San Francisco at night. Here is a list of my absolute top things to do in San Francisco after dark - I hope you'll enjoy them as well.

  1. Take a culinary and walking tour of a new San Francisco neighborhood. Although it may be a bit touristy, taking a tour of San Francisco's eateries is a great thing to do when you move to San Francisco so that you can get a personal introduction to some of the city's best restaurants.
  2. Check out Ruby Skye. If you're looking to escape from the generally grungy clubs that light up San Francisco nights, you'll love Ruby Skye, a lounge located in the Downtown/Union Square area. With fashion shows, famous DJs and swanky VIP rooms, Ruby Skye is a great place to hang out for a truly upscale clubbing experience.
  3. Stroll along your favorite San Francisco pier. Even in the winter months, San Francisco never gets ghastly cold at night, which makes strolling along the pier (pick your favorite) pleasurable at any time of year.
  4. San Francisco at night
    San Francisco at night
  5. Camp out in the Rob Hill Campground. Re-opening May 1, 2010, this is the only place in San Francisco where you can experience a true overnight camping experience. In fact, camping out may be a great way to break up the tedium of living in a half-unpacked house during the first weeks after you move to San Francisco.
  6. Have dinner on the waterfront. San Francisco has a number of fantastic restaurants that are located right on the water, and it's both romantic and relaxing to eat dinner overlooking the Bay.
  7. Enjoy sunset with a view of the Golden Gate Bridge. If you've seen the pictures, you know how gorgeous the bridge is at all times of day. But at twilight (and beyond), the view can be truly breathtaking. One of my favorite viewing spots is the Golden Gate National Recreation Area (directions are, of course, available from Google Maps).
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