Five Tips to Save on Phone Bills

When you feel like crying, sometimes you need a good heart-to-heart with your best friend. But when you get the phone bill for that conversation, you may find yourself crying for a completely different reason. And yet, while expensive phone bills are not uncommon, they can be entirely avoidable. With a bit of research, savvy consumers can find several ways to save on phone bills while still staying in close contact with their friends and loved ones throughout the world. Here are some easy places to start:

  1. Check whether you're paying for unnecessary extras. Many people don't realize that their service contract includes voicemail, caller ID or call forwarding- services which are often paid for but may not be used. If your phone doesn't have a caller ID feature, for example, you may not even know that you have this capability. Likewise, if you have an answering machine, you shouldn't be paying for a monthly voicemail service.
  2. Consider internet-based phone services. There are many new phone services available that are run through the internet rather than through grounded cables. These services generally have cheaper deals and more services than regular landline phone companies offer. Nevertheless, consumers should note that in the event of an internet failure, these phones will not work. Likewise, some internet phone companies do not offer emergency phone services such as 911 calls.
  3. Evaluate your long-distance bill. If you call overseas regularly to specific countries, you may be able to find a phone company with deals to your desired location. Alternatively, you may be able to find a pre-paid phone card through which you can get a lower rate per minute to your desired location. While this option may require you to dial extra numbers before speaking, you can likely enjoy significant savings on your phone bill.
  4. Use your cell phone. If you have unlimited nights and weekend on your cell phone plan, you can save money on national long distance calls by making these calls from your cell phone during these hours.
  5. Bundle up. These days, many cable and internet companies are offering bundled service through which consumers can get cable, internet and phone for one monthly fee. If you enjoy all three of these services, you may be able to save on your phone bills by taking advantage of one of these deals.

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