I know lots of ways for you to save a bundle at home.

How to Save on Heating Bills

With the average American household spending over $1000 a year on heating bills, the desire to cut heating costs is entirely understandable. Whether you use gas, electricity or oil to run your heaters, there are many practical ways to reduce your heating bill that don't require extra sweaters or turning off the heat.

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How to Save on Cooling Bills

Nobody enjoys overheating in the summer, but overpaying on your cooling bills can really make you break out into a sweat. Air conditioning is often the most expensive utility in the home, and inefficient cooling can consume as much as 50% of your monthly utility bills...

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How to Save on Phone Bills

When you feel like crying, sometimes you need a good heart-to-heart with your best friend. But when you get the phone bill for that conversation, you may find yourself crying for a completely different reason. And yet, while expensive phone bills are not uncommon, they can be entirely avoidable.

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