10 Ways to Save on Clothes (and Still Look Great)

Shopping for clothing is the national pastime for most teenage girls- and a recognized hobby for scores of adults. And yet, in today's economy, many people have had to scale down this hobby or abandon it entirely. Fortunately, however, there are many ways in which fashion-conscious consumers can continue to enjoy today's clothing trends while saving money. Here are some easy ways to save on clothing without scrimping on style:

  1. Sell clothing you no longer need or want at consignment shops. One of the best ways to finance your next shopping spree (and make room in your closet for your newest purchases) is to sell things that you no longer wear. Whether you've lost (or gained) weight, are tired of certain pieces, or have been holding on to clothing that is out of style, there are many consignment shops that will take your rejects and offer you a portion of the money they make.
  2. While you're there, check out the goods. Many consignment stores sell designer clothing for a fraction of the original price. When you go to present your clothing, take a look around- you may find a bargain on the piece that you've been looking for.
  3. Fill your closet with classic pieces. Investing in clothing that will remain in style (think 'little black dress') is a great way to get the best bang for your buck. These pieces can be worn year in and year out and will not need to be replaced as frequently as pieces that will be off the shelves by next season.
  4. Shop during sale times. Although it may be tempting to be the first one to have the latest style, you can save a bundle if you wait for the items that you want to go on sale. If it's a summer item you're hankering after, wait until the July 4th sales. If it's a winter item you want, wait for Thanksgiving or Christmas shopping season and you'll see prices dramatically reduced.
  5. Buy items at the end of the season. Everyone knows that items purchased at the end of the season can be as much as 75% off the original price. Why spend full price when you can enjoy the item and the savings?
  6. Look for knockoffs. Even shoppers who prefer designer clothing will enjoy looking stylish in a similar fashion while saving money on clothing.
  7. Shop online. Shopping online is the best way to comparison shop so that you know you'll get the best possible price. You can save on clothes by purchasing from sites that offer free shipping or by finding the best prices online and driving to the store (if it's a local store or a chain store) to save on shipping costs. Additionally, purchasing items from stores that are located out of state will save money on sales tax.
  8. Avoid clothing that requires special care. Dry clean only items will not only require an initial investment, but will cost you money every time you have them cleaned. Likewise, if you send your clothing out to be ironed, you'll be spending more than the item costs on ironing. Finding similar items that require less care is a great way to save on clothes.
  9. Join store mailing lists. Many chain stores offer discounts to consumers who sign up for regular updates and newsletters. Though this may fill up your mailbox, you'll likely enjoy the regular discounts and coupon codes from your favorite stores.
  10. Sign up for a store credit card. Signing up for a store credit card is a great way to save on clothing because you will likely receive a discount on your original purchase as well as on future purchases. Just be aware that store credit cards have higher interest rates than many other credit cards and that failure to pay on time can affect your credit score. However, if you have a habit of paying your bills on time, signing up for a store credit card may offer the savings you desire.

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